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Roofart Steel Hoppers

Roofart Steel Hoppers

Steel hoppers collect water from a spout or multiple sections of guttering.

Rainwater hoppers might seem to be a purely aesthetic feature of your gutter system, but this couldn't be further from the truth. Especially in areas with high rainfall, hoppers serve an essential purpose that shouldn't be overlooked.

These funnel-shaped rainwater collectors divert water to a downpipe from the gutters. While rainwater hoppers can enhance the look of your home, their primary purpose is to work correctly.

Installing only high-quality rainwater hoppers with your gutter system is vital for optimal performance.

Roofart Steel Hoppers

Why Do You Need Rainwater Hoppers?

Rainwater hoppers are beneficial components of any gutter system and serve several purposes:

Increasing water flow

The downpipe's water-carrying capacity is about 33% without a hopper. Hoppers can drastically improve the water-carrying capacity of the pipe by up to 66%, which is the true purpose of the hopper.

When the hopper is fitted below the gutter, the hopper fills up with water because of the bottleneck effect and creates a siphonic system that causes the downpipe to run full of water.

With a hopper, the downpipe can carry substantial quantities of water. This makes hoppers an invaluable asset to gutter systems on houses in areas that receive a lot of rainfall.

The hopper can increase the efficiency of the gutter system in diverting away from the water instead of requiring the installation of larger gutters.

Merging two or more gutters

Ideally, you need a downpipe at the end of every gutter. For smaller units, the number of downpipes can negatively impact the aesthetic appearance of the building.

Rainwater hoppers placed strategically can serve as gutters and divert the water into one downpipe. Ultimately, the hopper will reduce the installation and equipment costs while maintaining the gutter system's effectiveness.

Besides using hoppers where multiple gutter runs are going into one downpipe, they are also used when the standard connection to a drainpipe isn't suitable for the application in question.

Curb appeal

Steel hoppers might not come with the intricate designs cast iron hoppers are known for, but the exceptionally smooth and straightforward appearance adds to the overall beauty of any property.

Choose from colourfully painted steel rainwater hoppers in various colours to match the Rainline steel guttering system or galvanised steel hoppers for a more organic look.

Benefits of Roofart Steel Rainwater Hoppers

Hoppers are an integral part of your gutter system. Roofart steel hoppers are top-quality water hoppers that will last as long as your gutter system, if not longer.

The Roofart Scandic Rainwater System includes regular and round hoppers available in 87mm or 100mm depending on the size of your steel guttering system.

Steel Superstore stocks the full Roofart Scandic range of steel rainwater products, including regular and large steel rainwater hoppers.

Here are just some of the many reasons to choose Roofart steel hoppers from Steel Superstore:

Superior corrosion resistance

Gutters are susceptible to corrosion because of the environment they work in.

Our steel hoppers have a unique, self-healing zinc coat that prevents corrosion. Coloured hoppers are coated with SSAB GreenCoat paint with a 275g zinc layer.

Galvanised steel hoppers are coated with a 310g zinc magnesium layer for additional protection.

Improved corrosion resistance ensures the hoppers can keep working longer without leaks or damage.

Easy installation

Roofart steel hoppers don't require any special installation tools or skills. They have a click-fit design that inserts into the downpipe for a leak-free, firm bond.


Due to its recyclability, steel is an environmentally friendly option; Roofart uses SSAB steel.

Steel is one of the few materials that offers a 100% closed recycling loop. This means it can be used repeatedly and efficiently without affecting its properties or performance or creating hazardous waste.

Steel is also easy to repurpose and reuse, making it ideal for cost-efficient and durable metal rainwater systems.

When your hoppers and the rest of your steel rainwater system get to their end of life, you can send them for recycling.


Investing in a steel rainwater hopper and Roofart steel guttering system will provide you with the maximum value for your money - not just because of their extended service life exceeding sixty years but also due to their minimal maintenance requirements.

Steel rainwater systems are an environmentally-friendly, cost-effective choice for any property that will pay dividends in the long run.

Leading Galvanised Steel Rainwater Hoppers in the UK

Steel Superstore is a leading supplier of steel rainwater collection systems in the UK.

We specialise in gutters, downpipes, and other fittings, including hoppers from leading brands specialising in galvanised steel guttering, like Roofart.

Our team has decades of experience in the industry and expert-level knowledge of our products. We are passionate about delivering exceptional customer experiences through our products and services.

Looking to invest in quality steel hoppers? Look no further than the Steel Superstore! Here are some of the reasons to shop with us:

Top-quality guttering products

We pride ourselves on only sourcing the best steel rainwater hoppers and a wide range of guttering products from brands that follow the highest manufacturing standards.

Our extensive stock selection is from reputable rainwater hopper manufacturers like Roofart, who have decades of experience delivering high-quality, high-performance rainwater collection systems.

Roofart's Scandic steel rainwater products have been tested with immense success, and we are happy to back their quality and longevity.

Speedy delivery

We have an extensive selection of Roofart rainwater hoppers in stock, ready to be shipped.

Short lead times are available with our most popular colours and finishes. These include:

Other coloured steel guttering options are available on request. Please call 01296 674099 for details of current stock colours.

Order Roofart steel hoppers online in just a few clicks for quick, hassle-free nationwide delivery.

Whether facing a tight deadline or making a last-minute request, you can rely on our efficient shipping and logistics departments to deliver your order on time and keep the project on schedule.

Installation of products

The Scandic steel rainwater system has been designed with easy installation in mind. Our team at Steel Superstore understands the importance of a smooth installation process, and we provide detailed installation guides and resources to ensure that you can seamlessly install your steel rainwater hoppers and other guttering products.

Whether you are a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, our comprehensive installation support will help you achieve outstanding results.

Variety of steel rainwater products

With such a vast selection of options, you will find it at Steel Superstore.

Our extensive selection of galvanised and painted steel hoppers makes finding the right product effortless, whether trying to find a hopper to match your existing steel gutters and downpipes or installing an entire rainwater system.

We supply direct to trade and the public

We supply directly to the trade and public and offer the best rainwater hopper prices online by cutting out the middleman and storage expenses.

By buying directly from a specialist steel guttering distributor, you can be sure improper storage conditions have not damaged your hoppers.

Low price promise

We routinely compare our steel guttering prices with other online retailers to ensure you won't find steel rainwater products at a lower cost elsewhere.

If you get a better like-for-like quote on the best steel rainwater hoppers elsewhere, don't hesitate to contact us, and we will do our utmost to beat that price for you.

Shop now for our full steel rainwater product selection, or contact Steel Superstore to find the right products for your property.

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