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150mm Half Round

150mm Half Round

150mm half round steel gutters deliver superior performance while adding a touch of elegance to any structure and have been designed to meet the demands of large homes and commercial properties.

Roofart 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters

The 150mm diameter gutter system is suitable for commercial properties and homes with a large roof area.

The smaller 125mm half round steel gutters are recommended for most small and medium-sized homes.

Unmatched Performance for Large Properties

Roofart's 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters are specifically engineered to handle the substantial water flow of larger buildings. With their increased size and capacity, these gutters effectively channel rainwater away, protecting your property's foundation and landscaping.

Strength, Durability, and Style Combined

Not only do Roofart 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters offer exceptional functionality, but they also elevate the visual appeal of your property.

Manufactured using high-quality SSAB steel, Roofart steel gutters withstand extreme weather conditions while providing a sleek, sophisticated look that complements residential and commercial properties.

A Complete 150mm Half Round Steel Guttering System

Choose from our range of colours or a plain galvanised finish to ensure a perfect match for your property.

Pair the 150mm half round gutters with 100mm round steel downpipes to create a comprehensive rainwater management system. We stock all the necessary accessories, sundries, and gutter fittings for seamless installation.

We stock the complete 150mm steel gutter system and all components.

The Roofart Scandic system includes 3m lengths of gutter, gutter fittings, external and internal gutter corners, stop ends, angled gutter brackets, outlets, hoppers, overflow elements, hoppers and downpipes.

Galvanised gutters, and coloured anthracite grey, pure white and jet black products, are in stock for delivery. Other colours are available to order on request. See our steel colour options to view the full range of Roofart colours.

Reliable and Low Maintenance Steel Gutters

Roofart's 150/100 Scandic Rainwater System consists of 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters and is manufactured with a focus on reliability and low maintenance. These high-quality products connect seamlessly with a push fit system, ensuring a secure fit and a faster installation time.

With their durable coatings and high-quality construction, Roofart half round gutters require minimal upkeep, providing peace of mind for years and high flow rates in wet conditions.

Unlike plastic gutters, painted and galvanised steel products are not susceptible to colour fading and will not warp or crack.

Colour Options to Suit Your Style

Our 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters are available in various finishes to suit your property. Choose from pre-coated coloured options or the classic unpainted galvanised finish.

Coloured gutters feature a 275g zinc coating and are painted with GreenCoat bio-renewable paint, offering long-lasting colour retention and scratch resistance.

Galvanised gutters, with their 310g zinc magnesium coating, provide excellent corrosion protection. Whatever your aesthetic vision may be, Roofart has the perfect solution.

Eco-Friendly and Sustainable Gutters

You're making an environmentally conscious choice by opting for Roofart 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters. Steel is a highly sustainable material that can be recycled endlessly, contributing to a circular economy. It's a responsible and eco-friendly option that helps reduce waste and conserve natural resources.


Timely Delivery and Competitive Prices

Enjoy a smooth and secure online shopping experience for Roofart 150mm Half Round Steel Gutters. Our prices are competitive, and we regularly compare them to other online sellers. We have many products in stock for delivery and can offer fast delivery time frames throughout the UK.

The Roofart Scandic Rainwater System is a competitively priced and effective alternative to other steel guttering systems on the market.


Fast and Reliable Service

We understand the importance of timely delivery, and our short lead times ensure your products arrive promptly.

Standard delivery time is 3-5 working days, and free delivery to mainland UK addresses is available for orders over £500.

Additional delivery charges apply to The Channel Isles, The Highlands, and N.I.

See our delivery and returns page for more information on delivery charges.


Exceptional Customer Support

Buying online can raise questions, and we're here to help.

If you have any questions about our steel rainwater product selection, installation guidance for your 150mm half round gutter system, or general queries about choosing the right metal gutters, please call us on 01296 674099 or email us. Our friendly and experienced team is here to help.

Upgrade your large home or commercial property with Roofart 150mm steel gutters.

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