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Roof Art Half Round Steel Gutters

Roofart Half Round Steel Gutters

Roofart half round steel gutters are great for contemporary and traditional buildings. These lightweight steel guttering systems are manufactured from high-strength SSAB steel and can withstand extreme weather conditions while providing a sleek, modern look.

Galvanised gutters are a popular choice and look as stunning on modern and contemporary properties as they do on industrial and agricultural buildings.

Steel Superstore stocks a complete steel guttering system in a range of colours and finishes.

Keep reading to learn more about the benefits of steel rainwater products and why Roofart steel gutters are the perfect choice for your home or business.

Half Round Steel Gutters - Roofart Steel Guttering

What are Half Round Steel Gutters?

If you need a durable and attractive gutter system for your building, consider Roofart's half round steel gutters. They are strong and long-lasting, with a life expectancy of sixty years

We supply different lengths of gutter in various sizes and profiles. Choose from 125mm half-round or 150mm half-round steel gutters to pair with Roofart steel downpipes. All sundries, accessories and gutter fittings are also available.

Advantages of half round steel gutters

The Roofart Scandic rainwater system has been manufactured with the utmost quality and has undergone consistent improvements over the years. This has resulted in a system where each part easily snaps into the next one, giving a precise fit for various applications.

Ease of installation

A PDF installation guide is available to download as well as a detailed video.

Our steel systems' push-fit and click-lock features help professionals save time during installations, making DIY projects more manageable.

The flush-fit half round fascia bracket secures the gutter to the fascia board. Top fix and side fix rafter brackets are available for properties without a fascia & soffit system.

Coloured and galvanised steel gutters

Steel gutters are available pre-coated in various colours or with an unpainted galvanised finish.

Galvanised steel gutters are treated with a 310g zinc magnesium coating.

Our coloured steel gutters have a 275g zinc coating and are painted with GreenCoat bio-renewable paint.

Colour steel range - standard stock:

  • Jet Black - RAL 9005
  • Pure White - RAL 9010
  • Anthracite Grey - RAL 7016

Other colours available on request:

  • Wine Red - RAL 3005
  • Oxide Red - RAL 3009
  • Brown Red - RAL 3011
  • Chrome Green - RAL 6020
  • Copper Brown - RAL 8004
  • Chocolate Brown - RAL 8017
  • Grey Brown - RAL 8019

We have a large selection of galvanised items in stock.

Standard stock items are available for immediate dispatch and can be available for next day delivery. Delivery times can vary for special or non-stocked items such as copper guttering.

Copper guttering system

Our copper gutters are available to order on request. Order a complete copper guttering system with all components.

Coppering guttering has a thickness of 0.50mm and contains 99% pure copper.

Steel doesn't fade like plastic guttering

Colour steel gutters are becoming increasingly popular plastic alternatives and come with a 15-year colour guarantee and a 30-year corrosion guarantee from Roofart.

The bio-renewable paint is durable and resistant to scratches while also being resistant to UV rays and maintaining its colour well.

The galvanised steel coating has a natural self-healing property where zinc ions seal any scratch or cut automatically. These ions move to re-coat the exposed steel. The untreated materials blend nicely with their surroundings and require little upkeep as they mature.

Steel offers superb durability

Steel is a superb choice for roof drainage systems as it boasts exceptional durability and requires minimal maintenance.

Steel is lighter than cast iron and superior to plastic because it doesn't move, crack, or leak due to thermal changes.

Steel is sustainable

Steel is a highly durable material that can be recycled repeatedly, making it one of the most sustainable materials in the world. It has a closed-loop system that allows it to be 100% reused, which means it never goes to landfill.

Unlike other materials, steel is never used up but is continually used in different forms. Choosing steel as a building material is an environmentally responsible choice.

Pros & Cons of steel gutters


  • Steel gutters can withstand the weight of snow or ice
  • Resistant to temperature changes – steel does not warp or shrink
  • Very high strength – steel is one of the strongest materials
  • Long service life
  • Eco-friendly – steel is 100% recyclable
  • Easy click fit gutter jointing


  • The installation process is more challenging compared to plastic systems
  • If the protective coating is scratched or chipped, there is a chance of corrosion
  • The half-round gutter coating can show scratches that may be noticeable

Installation of Half Round Steel Gutters

You can find detailed instructions on installing steel gutters on our website. A detailed PDF installation guide is available in our download area.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are Roofart half-round steel gutters suitable for?

Half-round steel gutters suit modern and traditional buildings.

Roofart gutters are made from high-strength SSAB steel, which enables them to withstand even the harshest weather conditions.

What are the benefits of using half round steel rainwater systems?

As well as being durable, strong and stylish, Roofart half-round steel gutters are the sustainable choice. Roofart Scandic rainwater systems consist of all the necessary components and gutter fittings, such as gutter angles, downpipes, gutter joints, and stop ends, to install a complete system for rainwater management.

Can steel gutters be recycled?

Steel is highly recyclable and can be used repeatedly without going to a landfill.

When your gutter system reaches the end of its serviceable life, it can be recycled infinitely.

Are Roofart Half Round Steel Gutters easy to install?

Yes, Roofart Half Round Steel Gutters are easy to install. They are lightweight and can be installed quickly and efficiently, giving you a reliable gutter system for decades.

You will receive detailed installation instructions on how to install steel gutters correctly.

What are Roofart galvanised gutters coated with?

Roofart galvanised gutters are finished with a 310g zinc magnesium coating to provide enhanced protection against fine surface scratches and UV damage. Gloves should be worn when handling galvanised steel products.

What is the difference between grey and galvanised gutters?

Galvanised steel gutters are unpainted and come with a protective zinc magnesium coating. The galvanised finish will weather naturally over time.

Anthracite grey steel gutters are dark grey and are pre-coated with GreenCoat paint.

Leading Steel Gutter Supplier in the UK

Steel Superstore is the UK's leading supplier of steel gutters. Our easy online shopping system offers a safe and secure way to order gutters online, with real people available to offer specialist advice on installation, choosing the correct components, and more.

We maintain strong relationships with our customers and manufacturing partners, giving us a deep understanding of your needs and requirements. When you shop with Steel Superstore, you can enjoy the benefits of this close relationship.

Competitive Prices

We aim to ensure you get the most out of your money when buying our steel guttering. To achieve this, we regularly check our prices for Roofart steel guttering products against other online sellers, so you can be confident that you won't find them cheaper elsewhere.

If you find a cheaper quote for steel guttering products that match our exact specifications, please let us know, and we will try our best to offer a lower price for you.

Timely Delivery

We understand that timely delivery is important to you and offer short lead times on our most popular products. Our standard delivery time is 3-5 working days. Some products may take longer to arrive.

We offer free delivery to mainland UK addresses for all orders over £500.

Additional Delivery Charges

Delivery charges to The Channel Isles, The Highlands and N.I. are POA via our delivery partners. Find out more on our delivery and returns page or call 01296 674099 to discuss delivery lead times and delivery schedules to these areas.

Friendly Service

We understand that buying online can be tricky sometimes, so if you have any questions about our rainwater product selection, how to install your half-round gutter system, or metal gutters in general, call us on 01296 674099 or email us, and we will be happy to help.

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