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At the Steel Superstore we supply Lindab steel guttering, rainwater downpipes and accessories. We also have galvanised and coloured options for most products.

We have a full range of steel guttering and downpipe products, including:

Plus a full range of steel fittings and accessories, and ornamental hopper heads.

We offer first class customer service, with a ‘the customer is always right’ attitude. With our many years experience in the rainwater industry we are able to give all of our customers a truly satisfying working relationship.

We supply direct to both trade and public & offer the most competitive prices along with the best quality steel products on the market.

We also deliver direct to you, wherever you need.

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Steel gutters and steel rainwater products have been a popular choice for many years. They're hard-wearing and modern, giving a smart look to any building. Modern steel gutters and rainwater pipes look elegant, are extremely strong and come in a variety of colours and finishes.

Steel guttering is also much more durable than plastic guttering, more sustainable and environmentally-friendly too, as it can be recycled when it finally comes to the end of its life.

All of our steel gutters, hoppers, downpipes and rainwater pipes are sourced from Lindab.