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Steel Downpipes

Metal Downpipes

At the Steel Superstore we have a huge range of Lindab Steel Gutters available in a variety of popular RAL colours, all durable and resistant to corrosion.

Just click on the type of Steel Downpipes you require, choose a RAL colour and the site will display all the products you are likely to need to finish the job.

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Downpipes are an integral part of your guttering system. The downpipes execute the task of diverting the water collected by gutters away from the house. Good downpipes should be firm and withstand the weight of carrying several kilograms of water and the rigours of the weather. Metal downpipes check on all these requirements and offer numerous benefits. They are perfect for both small and large projects.

The Steel Superstore carries a comprehensive range of metal downpipes to cater to all project requirements and preferences. We make it easy to find functional steel metal downpipes that get the job down while fitting in with the rest of the property.

Types of Metal Downpipes

Our range of steel downpipes comes in two primary varieties;

Metal rectangular downpipes

Square and rectangular downpipes are perfect if the downpipe is located around the edges of the property. They come in multiple sizes to suit any application or size of the building. Our range of steel rectangular downpipes is made from galvanised steel to maximise strength and other desirable features. We can supply them in different colours and sizes depending on the project's needs.

Metal round downpipes

Steel round downpipes are the most common type. They are commonly used for home upgrades and provide superior performance. These high-quality, long-life rainwater collection products are made from galvanised steel, giving them superior strength and ability to withstand corrosion. Steel round downpipes can withstand the heaviest storms and transfer substantial quantities of water quickly and efficiently when correctly installed.

Metal Downpipes For Every Project

Like every aspect of your project, you need to find the right downpipes to get the job done while improving the property's aesthetic appeal. The primary role of downpipes is to protect the building from the effects of rainfall. The downpipes ensure the water is directed away from the foundation of the home and other essential parts of your home like the walkways, windows, doors and electrical fixtures.

At the Steel Superstore, we ensure you have complete access to a wide selection of metal downpipes made from galvanised steel to guarantee the best performance and protection of the building.

With our collection, you can find downpipes that work behind the scenes and don't interfere with the flow and appearance of the house or options that downpipes are designed to highlight and accentuate the beauty of the building.

Vast Selection of Downpipes

Steel Superstore has an extensive range of steel downpipes in various RAL colours. The downpipes are durable and highly resistant to corrosion.

We stock the pipes in various sizes, starting from 75mm to 100mm. Larger pipes cater to commercial buildings and residential properties with large roofs.

Besides the size, we also have pipes in different lengths to suit buildings of different heights. It doesn't matter how demanding your needs are, our range of downpipes will fulfil all your requirements.

Benefits of Steel Metal Downpipes 

The guttering market has improved substantially. You can now find downpipes made from PVC, aluminium, cast iron and steel.

Although steel downpipes cost more than plastic options, you get more value with metal downpipes because of the numerous benefits.


There's no limit to the variety of metal downpipes in the market. The pipes come in various shapes, sizes and colours. You can have the pipes matched to the project or accentuated, depending on your preference.


Steel metal downpipes are designed to last a lifetime. Galvanised steel metal downpipes have a unique, self-healing zinc coat that gives the downpipes their corrosion-resistance abilities and increases their strength. The downpipes easily withstand weather elements and can consistently work in damp conditions for decades.

Steel gutters don't crack or fade quickly. Steel has a low thermal expansion, which reduces damage caused by expansion and contraction. Once installed, you can expect a leak-free system for decades.


The aesthetic value of metal downpipes is remarkable. The downpipes come in multiple colour finishes to match your roofline and can add a premium level of detail to the property. Even better, the appearance of steel metal downpipes doesn’t fade after a short while. The pipes keep looking their best for years to come.

The steel downpipes can be dressed to look like contemporary or classic properties depending on the look or the project you’re working on. 

Natural and eco-friendly

Steel downpipes are perfect for clients keen on keeping their carbon footprint low. Steel is 100% recyclable. When the gutters come to their end of life, you can send them for recycling. It's also possible that the gutters you purchase contain some recycled steel sheets.

In case of damage, metal downpipes don’t shatter into pieces which can end up in the surrounding natural environment. Metal downpipes are easy to manage, install and remove without impacting the environment.

Low maintenance

Because metal downpipes and gutters can carry more weight, they don't require frequent maintenance and cleaning. However, it's highly recommended to clean and inspect the gutters regularly to ensure they work as expected. Overall, metal downpipes are less susceptible to getting clogged with debris, saving you time in maintenance and cleaning.

Easy to install

Steel Superstore stocks steel metal downpipes from leading brands like Lindab, known for making high-quality downpipes that fit into each other seamlessly for easy installation. The downpipes are lightweight, and we can deliver them in manageable lengths for easier management during installation.

Get Your Steel Metal Downpipes from The Steel Superstore

The Steel Superstore caters to all your metal downpipes needs under one roof. We carry a vast range of metal downpipes from leading brands. With over 15 years of experience in the guttering range, we are a leading supplier of metal gutters across the UK.

We are dedicated to ensuring our clients get the best metal gutter systems by providing numerous options, expert technical advice, and competitive pricing. Our metal gutter systems are well-designed and tried and tested to deliver the best experience and value for every application.

We offer speedy delivery for every order, with some orders ready for delivery on the next day to ensure your project stays on course. We also offer free shipping for bulk orders. 

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